ALIEN – ALtitude Imaging Entering Near-space

March 27, 2009

Meet the team

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As you may already know, we are a team of three GCSE students. Of course, being a typical member of our vast audience, you are astute, wise and resourceful. Upon hearing the four-charactered acronym, you immediately set off to Wikipedia and found that we most probably reside in one of England, Wales or Northern Island. And you would be right: the mighty trio currently attend Reading School (in Reading, England). So, without further ado, it’s time to meet the team!

(edit) abreton: WARNING – A note on the terminology used below. Due to the fact you are without doubt astute, wise and resourceful, you will no doubt cringe at the repeated use of the acronym ‘ftw’ by my colleague Simrun. On behalf of the entire team I apologise, and yes, I too would love to smack him in the name of the good English language.

First in our star-studded lineup is none other than me, myself, I, Simrun Basuita. I like to think I came up with the idea of the whole balloon project, but I guess I was just the one that pointed at those Spanish students and said, “Hey! We could do that!” Anyway, a bit about myself: I run Linux (Ubuntu ftw!), program C, listen to electronic ( also ftw!), play electric guitar, develop Ubuntu (ftw!) and do lot’s of other cool stuff which, unfortunately, you will probably learn about over time.

Up second, it’s the PR and advertising man; namely, the guy who spends many minutes sitting on hold to various suppliers and writing grovelling emails asking for free components. This pivotal role in ALIEN is held by Alexander Breton, who was once diagnosed with mild insanity and a slightly unhealthy attachment to all things that fly. This includes chicken, which has been reported to fly for 13 seconds and is enjoyed by Alexander Breton either oven roasted or spit roasted, with occasional forays into the soup variety. Alexander Breton also takes delight in chocolate, rock music, film photography and travelling the world on a quest to find the very best place to live in (it’s not the United Kingdom).

Last and most certainly least is Daniel Richman, the electronics elf. We do not precisely know what Daniel Richman’s preferred  activities may be, though insider information suggests he gets aroused by molten solder. This is why he was seen by the rest of the ALIEN team as an ideal suspect to kidnap and force to wire up our electronic components. More details on Daniel Richman will emerge as the project goes on, with a full psychoanalysis due in June.

(edit) danielrichman: !!!

I also run Ubuntu, program in C and run a home server. For quite a while I was self-running small websites, yet self coded, and I am ‘fluent’ (as far as you can be fluent) in PHP, HTML. (although HTML isn’t REALLY a language). I also spent brief spells in Java, Javascript and C#, but have seen the light and are disgusted by all three. I now prefer C, which I think is great. As Sinrun hinted, I am going to be hooking up the electronics on this project, and I have owned an arduino for quite a while.

Oh, and as Simrun also hinted, I appear to not qualify as a human being (elf) and thus have no interests, music preference or life.

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